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boston college acai bowl

Catering to the go-go-go lifestyle of university students is a challenge, and it’s one that Boston College dining representatives wrestle with daily.

savory yogurt parfait

What consumers eat and, most importantly, when they’re eating it has changed significantly in recent years, signaling opportunity for operators able to capitalize on this evolution.

organic fruits veggies

Schools around the country are modeling several sales-boosting ways to increase both organic offerings and student awareness of them.

black bean falafel
Mediterranean flavors are a favorite on college campuses and are trending in 2017.
teens college students gen z
Generation Z are coming into their own as opinionated consumers. And their preferences look different than those of their parents and grandparents.
global foods flavors
Ethnic foods and beverages are in high demand by college and university students.
Curious about trending flavors for 2017? The real trending flavor for the coming year is flavor itself.
gluten free diet
A large part of menuing allergen-friendly cuisine is deciding which gluten-free items to serve.
gluten free
Catering to the diverse tastes, health preferences and allergy restrictions of students are keys to success for C&U operators.
iced tea
Gen Zers and millennials want food that’s healthy, fresh and natural. And the same holds true for their beverages.