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gluten free diet

A large part of menuing allergen-friendly cuisine is deciding which gluten-free items to serve.

gluten free

Catering to the diverse tastes, health preferences and allergy restrictions of students are keys to success for C&U operators.

iced tea

Gen Zers and millennials want food that’s healthy, fresh and natural. And the same holds true for their beverages.

almond milk pitcher
Students now expect non-dairy milk alternatives such as almond milk and soy milk on college campuses.
chili bowls
Millennials crave a spicy kick. And it’s well known this group of diners goes wild for customizable dishes. What menu item fits both of those categories? Chili.
Penn State recycling
Reducing landfill-clogging waste is the goal—and challenge—on many college and university campuses.
The James Beard Foundation and The Blend
The Blended Burger Project™, promoted by The James Beard Foundation, is a movement to make the iconic burger better by blending ground meat with chopped mushrooms to show that you can serve a better...
snack options
Today’s college students range from Gen Zers to millennials, but they might as well be called the snacking generation.
pasta dish from NC State
Good-for-you food doesn’t do much good if it’s a hard sell to get diners to eat it. Luckily, pasta is nearly always a crowd-pleaser, especially with student athletes who benefit from its nutritional...
pumpkins squash
Just because the leaves are changing and cooler temperatures are in the air, doesn’t mean it’s time to abandon menus featuring fresh produce.