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healthy options menu transparency
Consumers are equating health with such attributes as fresh, natural, high protein, high fiber and whole grain, as well as such concepts as authenticity and menu transparency.
spices customizable menu options
From ethnic influences to vegan dishes, from the type of seasoning to the level of heat, operators are giving customers new ways to customize.
kitchen back of house foodservice
The kitchen day is long, skilled hands are scarce and customers are demanding. Innovative equipment can help streamline things for operators.
gluten free menu items foodservice
Inspired by trendy global flavors and drawing on local foods, gluten-free dishes today appeal to a broad audience, not just those who have medical issues.
churros savory appetizer foodservice
With churros making strong gains on dessert menus, they are beginning to make their debut on appetizer menus as well.
grab and go packaging
Today’s grab and go choices need to please savvy students who want fresh, healthful and delicious food that’s packaged in a responsible, sustainable manner.
gluten free pasta foodservice
Avoiding gluten used to mean consumers had to give up pasta, but the deprivation is over on C&U campuses.
chef pierre muffins
For busy people on the go, being able to eat when they’re hungry, regardless of time of day, is more important than ever.
tortilla pizza
Foodservice directors are leveraging tortillas in an array of street food applications and cross-cultural mashups that bring excitement and variety to mealtimes.
mini baked goods
Mini and individually sized baked goods satisfy snackers, address portion-size concerns, offer a value-priced indulgence and work perfectly across dayparts.