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Pierce boneless wings
The emergence of boneless wings—breaded, boneless chunks of chicken breast with zesty flavors—has made a good thing even better.
natural carnitas pizza
Depending on the toppings, a pizza can be traditional, innovative or both. That versatility is key to pleasing college and university students, campus dining operators say.
breakfast in the classroom
Breakfast in the Classroom takes the traditional school-breakfast approach and improves it with one key ingredient: the classroom setting.
Croissants baking
When it comes to brunch, consumers want customization and indulgence and are willing to pay a premium for that value.
stir-fry orange chicken Asian flavors
Today’s young consumers have come to expect the unexpected, and bold Asian flavors are a departure from the norm.
oven pizza consumers
At the Boys & Girls Club of Door County in Sturgeon Bay, Wisc., the fast, compact Ovention M1313 impingement oven is the centerpiece of a snack bar run by kids in the club’s Young Entrepreneurs...
Millennial beverage convenience
Millennials want convenient, made-to-order drinks and they want them fast. Can you deliver?
Consumers are demanding that the foods they buy have less of what they don’t want—artificial colors and flavors, gluten and processed grains—which is a driving force behind the clean label trend.
Vegetarian wok stir fry vegetables
No doubt about it: It’s vegetables’ time to shine. In fact, according to recent Menu Monitor data from Technomic, vegetable mentions in the add-on menu category alone increased 15 percent in the last...
Roasted Beet Salad Pickled Blueberries
It’s easy to fall into the latest craze to capture consumer attention and drive sales. But we’ve learned it’s not always about novelty. Instilling a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity by using well...