Are you getting the most out of your bulk yogurt?

Often relegated to the breakfast bar, bulk yogurt has more BOH potential than operators may realize.

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From General Mills.

High-protein foods are more popular than ever, and consumers who seek a wholesome, meatless meal option are increasingly choosing yogurt-based entrees. In fact, bulk yogurt sales have grown 10% in the last year.1

Noncommercial operators have been leveraging the healthy reputation of yogurt to keep patients and patrons satisfied. Here are six ways operators are leveraging bulk yogurt.

Baked goods

From sweet muffins to savory biscuits and scones, yogurt is a great baking ingredient for the way it lends subtle acidity and tanginess to recipes. Depending on the type of yogurt you use back-of-house, substitution charts are often available for chefs looking to swap out milk or other dairy products for yogurt.

Smoothie bowls

Everything seems more fun when it’s eaten out of a bowl. Smoothie bowls turn a sippable beverage into a spoonable dish that’s perfect for breakfast. Start by mixing up your favorite smoothie, then topping with fruit, granola or nuts. There are endless possibilities!

Sauces and dips

Whether creating a savory dip like hummus or tzatziki, or making a curry sauce for an entree, yogurt is an apt creamy companion that offers health benefits and culinary performance. Patrons will be pleased to see offerings made with yogurt in place of ingredients like heavy cream and mayonnaise.

Overnight oats

This breakfast dish requires just a bit of mixing the night before, and is ready to go for a no-cook option at the breakfast rush. Just stir bulk yogurt and rolled oats together, spoon into serving containers and refrigerate overnight.

Blenderless smoothies

Keep the blender in storage. Now you can deliver smoothie-machine results in a fast, consistent method, using just bulk yogurt, applesauce and fruit juice. Delicious, refreshing and a great way to provide much-needed nutrition to your patients.

Savory parfaits

Take your parfait menu in a new direction with savory flavors. Assemble parfaits with ingredients like avocados, sweet potatoes and spices rather than the traditional fruit and granola. The best part is that you can serve these during all dayparts.

Looking to get more out of your bulk yogurt? Check out Mountain High™ Yoghurt—with a formula specifically engineered to not break down during the cooking process, it serves as a great back-of-house ingredient for a variety of recipes. Click here to learn more.

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