chili flakes and peppers spicy hot

When planning your menus, take note: college and university students think spicy is hot.

Pierce boneless wings

The emergence of boneless wings—breaded, boneless chunks of chicken breast with zesty flavors—has made a good thing even better.

knouse squeezeables

Knouse Foods has added three new flavors to its line of Musselman’s Squeezables applesauce pouches. Perfect for K-12 operations, these single-serve packs are free of...

norlake chiller

Ensure safe flash-freezing of precooked bulk foods with Nor-Lake’s enhanced Chill Smart Blast Chiller Freezer line. The system rapidly and evenly decreases the...

red gold huy fong sriracha

Sriracha continues to be a popular choice for consumers who crave spicy flavors, as menu mentions of the hot sauce have increased 427% in the past four years, according...

anchor mccain spin chip dippers

McCain Foods has rolled out a new take on chips and dip called Anchor Chip ‘n’ Dippers, which feature wonton chips stuffed with popular dips. Great as an appetizer or a...

saputo great midewest habanero jack loaf

New Great Midwest Habanero Jack Cheese from Saputo Foodservice is available in 5-pound loaves, a good size for back-of-house needs. The semi-soft cheese is easily sliced...

pizza ham cheese
Depending on the toppings, a pizza can be traditional, innovative or both. That versatility is key.
breakfast in the classroom
Breakfast in the Classroom takes the traditional school-breakfast approach and improves it with one.
Croissants baking
When it comes to brunch, consumers want customization and indulgence and are willing to pay a.