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Kim Minestra, director of nutrition services at Evanston Township High School, will serve as president.
Changes include reducing the amount of pasta served, rotating menus more often and featuring those menus on a mobile application.
The cuts will not impact foodservice as much as feared, the state’s department of education says.
In an attempt to rid garbage bins of Styrofoam trays, students at Heritage Elementary found a natural alternative.
Earlier this week, Foodservice Director ran a story highlighting one Indiana district’s use of so-called “sandwiches of shame” as a tactic to reduce debt.
The association is seeking reimbursement for the more than $1 billion in loans and interest owed by school districts.
Since enforcing its controversial new policy, Kokomo High School has reduced its accrued lunch debt by $20,000.
Officials at Bethel School District say the meal-prep site will help cut costs and improve efficiency.
edamame food samples
Each fall, the University of Oklahoma hosts a food-sampling event called Tasty Tweets to introduce freshmen to dining concepts.
The school’s policy to encourage families to pay off lunch debt has resulted in what critics are calling “sandwiches of shame.”


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