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gluten free falafel pocket
Appeal to the gluten-free audience by using gluten-free bread and tortillas in this falafel pocket, which can be enjoyed by vegetarians and carnivores alike.
Although free lunches are available to all students in Wilkes County, more students are not taking advantage due to their dissatisfaction with food served under the new federal nutrition guidelines—...
A school in Pennsylvania will serve as a Smarter Lunchrooms pilot site—a low-cost research-based initiative from Cornell University encouraging students to eat healthier at school.
Tennessee has passed a bill opponents are calling ‘starve the children’, which allows school boards to opt out of the National Food Lunch Program without penalty from the state.
sweet mango tilapia
No sugar is used in this dish. The sweetness comes from fresh mango with a kick from Thai chili garlic sauce.
The Future Dining Experience – one city’s effort to get students to eat healthy school meals – allows students to preorder lunch using a phone app and offers more places to pick up their meals.
The Reducing Federal Mandates on School Lunch Act would loosen the current sodium and whole grain requirements that schools must meet.
Detroit Public Schools nutrition director Betti Wiggins put a halt to outsourcing the foodservice program, connected with local farms and more than doubled the food budget.
black bean portobello burger
Get in on the mushroom as meat trend with this burger. Portabella mushrooms provide texture while black beans provide protein. A great option for vegetarians and carnivores alike.
edamame succotash
This succotash would make for a great appetizer or small plate. See and taste the colors of the rainbow.


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