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A school district lost its foodservice hub when a high school kitchen and cafeteria went up in flames. The kitchen contained all the commodities for the high school, seven elementary schools, the...
Democrats are proposing to expand the federal school lunch program to weekends and holidays, creating a full-time nutrition program.
A mother urges the district to ban peanuts after her daughter had a severe allergic reaction at school. Currently, the district has peanut-free lunch tables and classrooms.
After outrage from its members, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics will end its partnership with Kraft, through which the academy’s ‘Kids Eat Right’ label appeared on the cheese product.
greek chicken salad
A grilled chicken salad, one of the most popular entree salads, is a smart way to start.
A growing body of medical experts and researchers are saying childhood nutrition affects adult income earning potential.
A Connecticut high school will serve Domino’s pizza every day in its auxiliary gym, while the cafeteria and kitchen undergo renovations.
Pennsylvania cafeteria workers, who are school district employees, are asking the board not to outsource their jobs.
A Florida school district will use a retrofitted school bus to deliver meals to students while schools are closed.
Officials determined that a larva found in one student's fruit cup was likely introduced during the canning process...


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