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The Defense Department will strengthen its Healthy Children programs by adding fitness, nutrition and tobacco-free living into military children’s curriculum.
Anna Schroth, a parent who wanted to bring more awareness to nutrition, is doing that by serving smoothies at her child’s elementary school.
Stephen Ritz founded the nonprofit Green Bronx Machine with his students at New York City’s P.S. 55, which has installed more than 100 gardens at schools throughout the city.
The partnership with IlliniCare Health will bring a new fitness technology called GoNoodle to 65 elementary schools.
Ed Sirhal
Restaurant Associates’ Edward Sirhal showcases new menu items and initiatives through an Apple-inspired summit.
farro pilaf
Looking to expand beyond ordinary rice? Farro is a great textural substitution that holds up well to a pilaf preparation with fresh vegetables.
coffee grounds cups
We save our coffee grounds in 5-gallon buckets.
peach blueberry maple grunt
Have an abundance of peaches? These simple dumplings are a great way to use excess fruit and they contain almost no sugar.
Although Portland’s nutritional director supports Michelle Obama’s advocacy, some of the food under the new regulations do not work in school lunches.
Jamie Oliver is urging G20 governments to provide children with the life skills they will need to live healthier, more productive lives.


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