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The author of “Got Milked” is defending her claims that milk does more harm than good to the human body.
Knox County Schools officials held a meeting to ease parents’ minds about food safety and preparation following an incident in which students were served old pork, some of which dated back to 2009.
Third graders attending Kelsey Pharr Elementary have turned a grass field into several thousand square feet of all kinds of fruit and vegetables.
The Backpack Program gives 500-children that are chronically hungry a backpack full of food for a weekend.
One Pittsburgh-area high school is making strides in reducing waste through active recycling and composting programs supported by the students and community.
Gail Simmons is raising awareness about child nutrition issues in New York City, as Congress prepares to reauthorize the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.
A California-area school district has voted to increase the prices of school breakfast and lunch for the upcoming school year.
One Massachusetts principal ladled out servings of her mother’s homemade Portuguese Kale Soup in an effort to teach students to expand their palate and about using healthy, fresh ingredients as part...
Food Network’s Gold Medal Winner Ray Duey is traveling the country showing students how to turn fruit and vegetable scraps into floral and animal masterpieces.
The new practices will extend to operations and growers outside of the United States.


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