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One elementary school is moving leftover food from cafeteria tables to local farms, inviting farmers who need feed to pick up the school’s food scraps .
Students at a Chicago-area high school designed their ideal salads, then saw their artwork become conversation pieces on the cafeteria wall.
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Mary Arlinda Hill continually aims to improve both Jackson Public Schools and her community.
walnut lasagna
An ounce of walnuts contains four grams of protein, and when combined with the cheese in this meatless lasagna, the recipe makes a protein-rich vegetarian menu item.
CDC official says that school lunches that meet federal nutrition guidelines can reduce students’ sodium intake by 400 milligrams per day.
A Tennessee county school board decided to hold off on potentially outsourcing foodservice until more information is gathered and analyzed.
A study published by food sensory expert Charles Spence says the sounds foods make when they are eaten can affect how we perceive their flavors.
massaman beef
To offer guests beef without destroying his margins, Chef Kucy transforms more economical sirloin tip into a Thai-style curry.
For the second time, Vermont legislators voted down legislation that would have protected employees who use a company benefit, such as a sick day, from employer retribution.
A cafeteria manager resigned last month after being investigated by school officials over missing lunch money.


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