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peach blueberry maple grunt
Have an abundance of peaches? These simple dumplings are a great way to use excess fruit and they contain almost no sugar.
Although Portland’s nutritional director supports Michelle Obama’s advocacy, some of the food under the new regulations do not work in school lunches.
Jamie Oliver is urging G20 governments to provide children with the life skills they will need to live healthier, more productive lives.
Texas’ Agriculture Commissioner wants to end a decade-old ban on deep fried food in Texas public schools.
With the reauthorization process beginning, the association of school FSDs asked for more funding, flexibility and discussion of the regulations’ true impact.
polenta stuffed grilled onions
Vegetarians won’t feel left out from the barbecue loop when polenta-stuffed onions are tossed on the grill. Chef Essig’s recipe turns out a hearty entree packed with flavor.
Starting this fall the U.S. Department of Agriculture will offer Greek yogurt as a meat alternative in school lunches.
Evidence of how well healthy meals are going over is found in the bags of garbage that custodians haul to the dumpster.
An Indiana Congressman is seeing a lot of food being thrown away in school cafeterias due to ‘the stupidity of [federal] regulations.’
A teacher is faulting one school’s recycling system after his students discovered 26-percent of trashed items were actually recyclable.


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