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After hearing that a student’s lunch was thrown away because his lunch account didn’t contain enough money to cover the meal, school board members in a Pittsburgh-area district are looking to amend...
Leaders of the Rockford, Illinois, district plan to apply for a new USDA program called Community Eligibility Provision, which would allow the district to feed all of its students for free based on...
The renewed bid by the Republican-controlled Bristol, Connecticut Board of Education to privatize school cafeterias has become a hot political issue.
baked mac and cheese ritz cracker topping
Incorporating shallots and sriracha make this more than your run-of-the-mill Velveeta mac and cheese.
A Harvard researcher says while structural changes in cafeteria food will get kids to pick up vegetables, more children actually consume the vegetables when a chef is involved.
noreaster potato salad
This simple potato salad gets its name and flavor from the Old bay seasoning Chef Aaron Rothgeb adds.
San Diego Unified School District’s produce procurer discusses the importance of communication and staying nimble while overseeing the district’s local sourcing initiative.
With 85 percent of lunches rejected by students, Boulder Valley public schools are counting on food trucks to get them to eat healthier foods.
The LifeCycle Innovation Project is a three-phase process that takes food waste from lunches and turns it into high-quality compost for use in Lower Richland High School’s greenhouse.
vegan potato salad kale
Andrew Shaner, executive chef at this Pennsylvania prep school, offers a version of potato salad without mayonnaise.


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