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Cafeteria workers say they cannot afford to live in Austin on the hourly wages they are paid and petitioned the school board to increase wages to $21 an hour.
Under the new contract, part-time cafeteria employees employed by the Philadelphia School District would get an increase in pay, going from $10.88 to a $12.67 hourly wage.
chicken andouille gumbo
Chicken legs and andouille sausage come together in a thick, savory broth in this Creole dish.
In making the switch, environmental advocates hope the trays will be healthier for the city's more than 1 million public school students and cut down on trash sent to landfills...
A 200-foot vertical greenhouse proposed by a University of Kentucky student created buzz at a town hall meeting, as a Kentucky community seeks to draw visitors in the wake of a natural disaster.
This year's winners achieved and excelled at no-cost physical activity opportunities before and after school, universal breakfast, school gardens, tobacco-free environments and physical...
This week, The Urban School Food Alliance, a coalition of the six largest school districts in the United States, will feature fresh fruits and vegetables in school meals and encourage students to...
The Feed My School program serves as a learning tool, teaching food safety, pricing and packaging as well as helping grow the farm-to-school movement.
Members of the House Education and Workforce Committee will meet to discuss waste, fraud and abuse in federal child nutrition programs, following reports from the Inspector General, USDA and GAO that...
The tentative deal allows district officials to meet their foodservice goals without having to outsource cafeteria operations.


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