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Some former top-ranked military officials say prioritizing healthy school meals and fitness is a matter of national security, citing 69% of young adults in Minnesota cannot serve due to poor health.
A burglar made off with snacks after breaking into two schools from the same town in Mississippi.
Susan Santos, assistant director at Penn State University in University Park, Pa., won the Steal This Idea contest held at MenuDirections 2015 in Memphis, Tenn., last month.
Hot meals are finally returning to a Chicago School after a rodent and roach infestation was found in the kitchen and lunchroom. Students had been heating cold lunches at their desk for the past two...
Local officials said they were outraged to hear students in one Tennessee district were served roast pork that might have been frozen for as long as six years.
Cafeteria workers demonstrated at a meeting of the Daniel Boone Area School board, pleading to “not outsource” and saying “lunch is better local.”
Henry County students aren’t eating the school lunch, so the board has voted to try an outside operator.
whole wheat sausage
Southeastern Texas, where this suburban Houston school district is located, has a strong Czech/German heritage, says Brent Trudeau, the district’s executive chef.
A bill is being considered in Hartford, Connecticut would fine businesses $1 per hour per employee, who doesn’t earn the $15 minimum wage.
One parent received a note with healthy lunch regulations after a teacher prevented her 5-year-old daughter from eating the Oreos in her packed lunch.


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