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After being served breakfasts and lunches high in omega-3 fatty acids for eight weeks, students at one Michigan school are now calmer and more focused, according to a new study.
farro orange salad
Grain salads are taking off. Combine farro, roasted beets, fresh greens, goat cheese and orange for a unique salad bursting with flavor.
The goal was to cut costs and improve food quality when Oregon-based Silver Falls School District contracted with the foodservice provider a year ago, but kitchen employees have asked the district...
Crawford High School is piloting a new lunch menu to reach out to Muslim students whose parents said they weren’t eating the free school lunch.
Two Bay County schools got upgraded cafeterias, funded with revenue from the half-cent sales tax, which voters approved in 2010.
nra show floor
Foodservice operators shared some tips during the National Restaurant Association show.
tandoori chicken roulade
Give your guests some spice with this tandoori chicken dish. Take a step beyond ordinary chicken breasts by filling and rolling them with chicken mousse.
The Urban School Food Alliance describes the move as a major boost in sustainability.
Milk consumption is falling in schools, according to a recent National Dairy Council report, and a new bill is designed to do something about it.
Keyes Elementary School teachers in Texas have filed a grievance over the program with concerns that they will lose valuable instructional time to eating.


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