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A cafeteria manager is accused of cooking the books to get more money. The district says the manager was able to get more than $23,000 in extra federal funding.
The website allows parents access to menus, nutritional information, free and reduced lunch applications, and online payments.
poblano chile
Chef Berryhill chooses poblanos, tweaking the mole preparation by adding ground pistachios to thicken it instead of pepitas.
braised pork ramen
The pork broth and noodles are made from scratch and the recipe is infused with typical Japanese ingredients, such as sake, mirin and kombu.
A study has found that exposure to good food as a child inspires healthy eating while at college, even if kids didn’t like it at the time.
At Umatilla School District, 85% of students are participating in its free lunch program as a result of the USDA’s Community Eligibility Program. The USDA reimburses the district $3 per each meal...
At the Wisconsin Farm to School Summit, Deborah Kane, the director of the USDA’s Farm to School Program urged districts to increase the funds allocated towards sourcing local foods by 15%. Wisconsin...
Students at Old Rochester Regional School District are allowed to put whole, uneaten fruit or unopened food items in a designated area for other students to take. Community members also are...
ouzi braised lamb
A blend of sweet spices, including allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom, gives the recipe its Middle Eastern accent and makes it a favorite.
piri piri flat iron piccata
At Sugarcane, Chef Balloo marinates beef steak in piri-piri, adding sweet, tart and herbal ingredients to round out the flavor.


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