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McAllen schools have added 32 new locations, some with dinner and snack times, to their meals-on-wheels summer program.
New legislation in Congress would establish a program to provide training, technical assistance and the placement of salad bars in schools across the U.S.
The aim of the new St. Paul school district vehicle is to supply healthy fare to kids during summer months.
How changes such as cutting artificial chemicals and letting students be the taste-testers earned one local foodservice director the “Nobel Prize of city government."...
Consumers want foodservice operators to dig deeper on health, “natural” ingredients and local sourcing. Here’s how your streetside competition is responding.
The increase has already been approved by the state Senate.
A Bedford Elementary School student’s hot lunch was dumped in the trash after a cafeteria-worker found her account wasn’t up to date.
Cafeteria-workers say that Burlington-based Nutri-Serve Food Management has cut benefits and failed to maintain good working conditions.
A group of students from Erie Intermediate School asked their school board to switch from plastic foam lunch trays to biodegradable or reusable trays, noting it would save the district $9,500...
Through a combination of healthy lunch menus and physical education, St. Tammany Parish Public School has the largest number of schools (25) meeting the HealthierUS School Challenge guidelines.


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