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During a hearing before the House Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education, the School Nutrition Association’s incoming vice president, Dr. Lynn Harvey, testified about the...
The bipartisan Apprenticeship and Jobs Training Act of 2015 would create a $5,000 tax credit for employers using apprenticeships to train workers in high-demand industries, such as food and beverage.
Daniel Boone School District laid off 30 cafeteria workers, opting to go with foodservice provider Nutrition Group, which says it will hire most of the workers back.
Directors of a Frederick, Maryland, summer camp want to help children with severe allergies to have some fun with food for a change.
Six percent of children and 3 percent of adults now suffer from food allergies, with the main culprits being gluten, milk, eggs, fish, nuts and soy.
A school district in Fairbanks, Alaska, is dealing with a $192,000 loss in revenue stemming from healthy snacks regulations on top of a proposed $100,000 budget cut.
The 10-year ban deep-fried foods is being scuttled because eating should be a matter of the child’s choice, says Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller.
The program requires students to scan their thumbprints so that the government can track their purchases.
Cafeteria managers at Acushnet Elementary School encourage tours, saying students may eat more of certain items if they know why the food on their trays is good for them.
Students in Hurley, Wisconsin, participate in a garden-to-market program, through which they grow food in the school garden and sell it at a local farmers market.


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