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To entice students to purchase school lunches, the KISD food truck will visit Keller district’s four high schools once a week and other locations on the fifth day.
After two years of court battles and union disputes, the school board is moving to hire a private contractor.
The assurance of clarity came as part of the agency’s decision to delay enforcement until 2016.
Retired generals from Kentucky say obesity can be combated with healthier school nutrition, as more than 70 percent of the state’s young adults do not qualify for military service because they'...
When Eagleville School opens this fall, there will be 23,000 new square feet of space that includes an expanded cafeteria, science labs, elementary school classrooms, band and choir rooms, and a 400-...
Students at Beverly Elementary School planted a small crop of lettuce in their garden, creating their own salad lunch with it and other fresh items from the salad bar.
The FDA acknowledges that more clarity is needed before compliance the disclosure laws for chain restaurants can be enforced.
forks vegetables
Some tips on how to entice students to take their half-cup of fruit or vegetables at lunch time in compliance with The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.
Artificial color is fighting a losing battle, with manufacturers and restaurants dropping added flavoring and color from some of their products.
A look at some of tomorrow’s up-and-coming restaurant concepts, each posing possible competition (and ideas to ‘borrow’) for FSDs


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