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With the number of meals served annually declining, as well as revenue, the Daniel Boone School District has only received one bid from a food contractor for the upcoming school year—which isn’t...
Columbia Public Schools nutrition services department had recently been $1 million in the red, but is now ending the school year with more than $1 million in the black.
Celebrity chef turned Colorado lunch lady Ann Cooper told a Harvard conference on food in public schools that the federal government needs to prioritize children’s health and nutrition when making...
wheat berry salad red fruit
This chilled fruit and wheat berry salad is sure to be a standout at any potluck or barbecue.
Making masala doesn't have to be hard. This recipe uses a handful of ingredients and spices to make a flavorful side dish...
Kale and ginger are powerhouse superfoods, but aren't the most pleasing for younger palates. With the addition of bananas and blueberries, this smoothie can please consumers of all ages...
Bring the flavors of New Orleans into your kitchen with this slimmed-down jambalaya recipe.
kid texting
I developed Fit Kid Text for our school community to promote school meals and offer nutrition education to students, parents and staff.
Millennials aren’t afraid to talk to anyone in an organization; they’re driven to achieve; they embrace tech to ease processes.
Kathryn Spencer, a farm-to-school specialist for San Diego Unified School District, connects with farmers to secure at least 15 percent of the produce for salad bars and menu items from local sources.


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