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vegetable variety
Every March, to celebrate National Nutrition Month, Windham Raymond School District makes its way through the alphabet by featuring produce from A to Z.
To make it easier to deliver meals to off-site charter schools and summer feeding locations, Pinellas County Schools uses colored tape to close the boxes.

When Deputy Editor Dana Moran was a student at Vista Middle School in Ferndale, Wash., the ultimate status snack was a big cookie—which is no longer menued.

hake fish plate
The overuse of fisheries has operators going beyond produce in their sustainability endeavors and turning their efforts toward lakes and oceans.
When one FSD places his seafood order for the week, the sales rep lets him know what's available at his price point. He labels it "Catch of the Week."...
With the expiration of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act less than three weeks away, School Nutrition Association President Jean Ronnei sent a letter to key members of congress Monday, stressing the...
A recent study found that children in schools with shorter lunch periods tend to eat less and throw away more food.
Bertrand Weber, director of Minneapolis Public Schools' culinary and nutrition services, says kids should be required to include fresh produce in their diets and schools should move away from...
Lockwood School officials say they’ve encouraged the activity part of fighting obesity by adding breakfast in the classroom, sparing students the choice of either eating before school or playing...
Students in Seminole and Orange county schools will be served mostly anti-biotic-free chicken, a new macaroni and cheese recipe and a new selection of breads that include pretzel rolls and ciabatta.


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