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New initiative supplies students in need with four meals and snacks every Friday to help keep them fed over the weekend.
pineapple quinoa
Take quinoa from ordinary to extraordinary by adding sweet grilled pineapple, tomatoes and fresh herbs.
A letter and recipe from a first grader led to a new item being added to the school lunch menu – pigs in a blanket.
A school district is monitoring students and staff after a cafeteria worker was diagnosed with Hepatitis A.
spinach sushi university oregon
“The spinach roll was made especially for vegetarian and vegan students to enjoy a different sushi than the more typical [seafood],” Tom Driscoll, food service director, says.
camera photography
We invested in a nice camera and sent several people to an affordable food photography class.
university of new hampshire allergen free
As students become more open to discussing food allergies, universities are beginning to take a proactive approach to addressing students’ dietary needs by creating allergen-free stations to prevent...
A plan by Boston public schools to cut costs by reducing the variety and number of food offerings is raising concerns among parents and foodservice employees, worried students won’t find anything...
kimbap umass amherst
Students gravitate towards temaki and kimbap, a Korean-inspired dish that includes a fish cake accompanied by daikon radish, carrots and spinach.
Niche.com has ranked the top 100 school districts in the nation based on their cafeteria offerings. A high ranking is gained by offering a variety of healthy, quality food options with dietary...


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