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The project aims to create a one-of-a-kind heath care foodservice featuring antibiotic-free meats, cooking classes and a “Chef’s Playground.”
Chefs from two separate hospitals went head-to-head in a soup cook-off. Cafeteria diners were able to sample both soups for $1.
The pro-vegan Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is asking the public to pressure a pediatrics facility into dropping McDonald’s.
edamame succotash
This succotash would make for a great appetizer or small plate. See and taste the colors of the rainbow.
Is saturated fat as bad as we thought? Will nutrition benchmarks change? Does the quality or quantity of protein we eat matter? These answers and more.
Here are five cutting-edge features of Mission Bay Hospital’s high-tech meal order system.
Honey and raspberries brighten up ordinary butter, elevating it for special occasion use.
Fresh mango and honey add a sweet note to this otherwise savory quinoa salad. It would make a great addition to a vegan or vegetarian station.
Take fruit salad to the next level by adding crunchy nuts and a sweet honey vinaigrette.
Bring a taste of the Northwoods to your guests with this unique cheesecake featuring maple sugar and fresh blueberries.


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