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Conventional industry wisdom has long maintained that trends start in fine dining and trickle down through the various foodservice strata.

svmc chicken quesadilla slider
This mini-quesadilla is a perfect snack or appetizer. The use of chicken breast and reduced-fat dairy keep the dish relatively healthy.
The company operating the cafeteria at St. Vincent Hospital will be replaced next year, according to the hospital, and 82 food service workers will be laid off.
houston isd chili
This vegetarian chili has just enough kick. Multiple bean varities and corn fill out this dish.
Cooking from scratch could be the hottest trend in breakfast among non-commercial operators, according to The Big Picture research.
vegan meatloaf
You don't need meat to make a loaf. This vegan take is just as filling and packed with umami, thanks to the use of mushrooms and miso...
ok state turkey meatloaf
Cut down on the fat in normal meatloaf by substituting turkey. Marinara sauce keeps the leaner dish from drying out.
One of the best ways to cook butternut squash is by roasting it. Add cauliflower to round out this nutrient-packed side dish.
A healthy take on fried chicken, this panko breaded chicken breast is baked in the oven.
Make the most of seasonal veggies by roasting them. A great, easy side for any dish.


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