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According to The Big Picture, non-commercial operators (43%, the highest for any equipment category) are planning to spend their equipment budgets buying cooking gear (e.g., stoves, ovens or fryers)...

I teamed up with our marketing and wellness departments to create a blog on Baptist Health’s website.

We have organized a group of volunteers, from many disciplines within the hospital, to serve lunch twice a month at a local homeless shelter.

This recipe was developed to incorporate more fruits into main dishes.

Heather Kirby, dietary manager at the Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland, Colo., has made an impact on foodservices by redesigning the flow of the office while working with her team to identify the areas needing improvement.

This recipe incorporates grains and fruits into one dish for a complete nutritional punch.
Lentils are the highlight of this dish, which becomes a bed for vegetables and protein.