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Schools wouldn't be able to sell any food or beverages in foam containers...
The revamped cafe will offer study space, a food pantry and a demonstration kitchen, as well as nutrition and financial wellness programming.
university of California
The three-day strike will involve more than 9,000 service workers in California.
locally sourced
For FoodService Director’s 30th birthday, C&U frontrunners take a stroll down memory lane—and reveal what they believe the future holds.
The dinner aimed to celebrate the increased use of local ingredients used in campus meals.
Staff will hold a three-day strike next month after failing to negotiate a contract with the university.
blended burgers chefs
Students selected six blended burgers as the most delicious-looking of the year.
The school’s weeklong event features a different meatless burger each day.
Good Uncle is broadening to 15 college campuses this fall
Staff fear that they will lose out on pay, benefits and seniority when Compass takes over foodservice operations this fall.


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