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Eligible students and community members will be able to use their benefits immediately.
nc state
A color-coding initiative makes it easier for Muslim students to identify permissible foods. ...
skidmore culinary team
Cornell University was also awarded a gold medal at the event.
School officials hope to reduce dining hall waste by 10%.
The new pass is aimed at students who don’t have time for a meal in the dining hall.
The group was created after complaints about the lack of options.
The move aims to connect students with those who prepare their meals. To add an element of personalization, food stations inside the dining halls are being renamed after the chefs who work there.
Students at the University of Maryland can scan codes on dining menus to leave feedback.
Dining hall traffic on Mondays had reportedly dropped 15% with the meat-free menu. The change comes from the residence hall association, which unanimously voted to add meat back into the Monday menu.
The on-campus eatery will serve up classic diner fare, including hamburgers, patty melts and milkshakes.


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