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Chef Moro adds a healthy twist to a chicken-fingers plate by creating a ranch-style dip made with a yogurt base and roasting broccoli florets to serve on the side in place of the usual fries. Coating the chicken in panko and cooking in olive oil gives the fingers a crispier coating and more...
This vegetarian sushi variation substitutes farro for rice but features the same flavor profile as popular sushi rolls. The meal-in-a-bowl is a colorful mix of crunchy textures and bright flavors.
As part of our ongoing Signature Series, we asked operators to share their popular recipes featuring salads.
An innovative use of leftover cornbread became a hit for Joseph Bonimo, chef manager for Flik Independent Schools. Bonimo worked with The Mushroom Council to create the dish.
BU Food, an app that was released in the iTunes store at the beginning of September, is the brainchild of Santiago Beltran (ENG’17) and Darryl L. Johnson (ENG’17).
Several leading Philadelphia retail stores—a ramen noodle restaurant, a gift boutique, and a coffee house that also sells clothes—have expanded or relocated their businesses to Penn.
“This is our most popular item at our Creative Corner,” says Bill DeCicco, director of food and nutrition at the Mayo Clinic. “We serve over 300 of these when it is featured on the menu.”
“Forbidden Rice Salad is a top seller at Market 64,” says nutritionist Elizabeth Shaw, R.D. “Packed with health-promoting antioxidants, this brown rice mainstay got a makeover, using a close cousin, forbidden—a.k.a black—rice.”
I wrote a manual to spell out how we should be purchasing food to help us improve the health of our patients and employees.
This flavorful vegetarian burger was created for the University of North Texas by celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan as part of Mushroom Mania!, sponsored by the Mushroom Council.


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