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Northern Kentucky University has implemented a policy in which a healthy food option must be included at every food station and all events with catered food. Thirty percent of items in vending...
Students campaigned, now every cup of coffee and tea bought from foodservice vendors on the University of Northern British Columbia campus is certified Fair Trade.
poblano chile
Chef Berryhill chooses poblanos, tweaking the mole preparation by adding ground pistachios to thicken it instead of pepitas.
braised pork ramen
The pork broth and noodles are made from scratch and the recipe is infused with typical Japanese ingredients, such as sake, mirin and kombu.
A study has found that exposure to good food as a child inspires healthy eating while at college, even if kids didn’t like it at the time.
In a state known for beef production, the student government at the University of Nebraska voted down a proposal by students who suggested a “Meatless Monday” promotion to raise awareness about the...
The Pony Express food truck at Murray State isn’t limited to university grounds. It can be seen traveling to apartment complexes, neighborhoods and campus villages.
Students at North Carolina State looking for healthy options will be able to choose a pre-designed meal option clocking in at under 500 calories. The dish, designed by NCSU nutrition students, will...
Stony Brook University’s meal plans, which include deductions for dining facility renovations and new construction, leave many students hungry for more.
ouzi braised lamb
A blend of sweet spices, including allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom, gives the recipe its Middle Eastern accent and makes it a favorite.


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