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The Pony Express food truck at Murray State isn’t limited to university grounds. It can be seen traveling to apartment complexes, neighborhoods and campus villages.
Students at North Carolina State looking for healthy options will be able to choose a pre-designed meal option clocking in at under 500 calories. The dish, designed by NCSU nutrition students, will...
Stony Brook University’s meal plans, which include deductions for dining facility renovations and new construction, leave many students hungry for more.
ouzi braised lamb
A blend of sweet spices, including allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom, gives the recipe its Middle Eastern accent and makes it a favorite.
piri piri flat iron piccata
At Sugarcane, Chef Balloo marinates beef steak in piri-piri, adding sweet, tart and herbal ingredients to round out the flavor.
grilled salmon
This entrée is a mash-up of Thai ingredients and flavors with spicy condiments from several Asian cultures. The result is a multi-layered dish.
Students want more meal plan options, healthier food choices and longer operating hours.
It’s important for operators to understand growing trends in the foodservice industry, from using environmental nutrition to make smarter choices to adequately managing an increase in consumer...

The District Market on the University of Washington campus is a far cry from your typical on-campus convenience store.

Sodexo and the University of Louisville are in talks to increase meal plan costs by $25-$45 after the foodservice manager underestimated how much it would cost over time to deliver food to students.


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