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When the traditional, cafeteria-style Parmalee dining hall at Colorado State University, in Fort Collins, quickly became the ugly stepsister to the newly renovated, market-style Corbitt dining center...
Students at the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, in Houston, have been enjoying the same chocolate chip cookie recipe for decades.
Monday, the new Fireside Café in Pierpont Commons opened its doors after a six-month, $5.3 million renovation.
Now serving thousands of meals a day to young foodies, the new Arnold Dining Commons at Southern Methodist University is a leap forward from the college dorm cafeterias of yesterday.
When students returned to campus a couple of weeks ago, they were surprised to find that Meal-X, the most popular meal option for dinner, underwent multiple changes.
The study comes from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which in 2011 signed an industry agreement with 14 food manufacturers and three GPOs to “develop, produce and market healthier food...
A University employee who is one of the only New Jersey residents with a medical marijuana permit will potentially continue working for the University after a dispute in which he was reportedly told...
The UMass Building Authority said it has completed a $19 million renovation of Lincoln Campus Center, a dining hall at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
The facility will house a 1,000-seat dining hall, several restaurants and Food Connection, a new partnership funded by Aramark to study local food systems.
We have real, usable, full-size plates that we mix in with our regular plates to raise awareness of healthy dining balance.


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