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Snapshots of all the recipes from the November 2014 issue featuring cheesecake.
Packed with chicken, vegetables and eggs, this ramen is a complete meal.
This classic ramen dish is big on beef.
This roast brings a bit of Mediterranean flair to the table with a sumac rub and pomegranate glaze.
Couscous, fresh herbs and feta cheese give a Mediterranean air to this light side dish.
These spiced carrots take a seemingly ordinary side dish to the next level.
This spiced up take on sweet potatoes is a great alternative to traditional potato side dishes.
Spices give this burger flavor while brown rice makes it filling.
These poached pears are a healthy dessert option and a great way to use leftover wine.
Goat cheese gives this cheesecake some extra zing, setting it apart from the rest.


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