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To help persuade residents to try a new menu item, we will sometimes add it as a third entrée option, like our Pork Pagoda (pictured).
Click through Snapshots of all the Creating Healthier Menus recipes from the September 2014 issue. This month features grain-based salads.
wakewell sandwich wakemed
Rather than bore students with dry stats on calories and fat, Wesley Delbridge, R.D., food & nutrition director for Phoenix’s Chandler Unified School District, is turning healthy eating into a...
The drought that has plagued the southern United States since 2011 is easing its grip on areas across the state, according to a Texas A&M climatology expert.
The Vermont Agency of Agriculture reports that 870 cow dairies produce 2.6 billion pounds of milk annually, along with dairy beef from an estimated 26,400 to 33,000 cows.
hot chocolate uconn
Powdered mix with freeze-dried marshmallow bits? Think again. Whether for special events or as an everyday indulgence, operators are finding new, unexpected ways to make hot chocolate feel fresh.
Forget lukewarm meatloaf and limp salads. These days, college dining halls are serving high-quality, inventive food, much to students' delight...
CU’s Dining Services, much like the rest of the university, prioritizes the development and implementation of sustainable initiatives, but there are still institutional challenges that make...
Hungry ETSU students have to pay a bit extra for on-campus dining this semester.
fresh squared georgia tech
Woodruff Dining Hall at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), in Atlanta, underwent a culinary renovation this fall. Dining at the hall, known affectionately as Woody’s, is now...


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