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MenuDirections 2015 gathered the most progressive and influential foodservice professionals in Memphis, Tenn., earlier this month.
Add this creamy risotto to your recipe file. Fresh tomatoes and basil lighten up the indulgent rice dish.
This omelet is enough to be a meal with sausage, mushrooms and potatoes all coming together with smooth sour cream and chives.
Create a flavorful vegetarian stir-fry by adding pineapple, different textured cabbages and plenty of other vegetables.
northeastern minestrone
A vegetable stock and plenty of fresh veggies make this just about as healthy as a soup can get. The use of gluten-free pasta gives the dish a wider appeal.
Bring the flavors of the Mediterranean into your kitchen by throwing fresh vegetables, kalamata olives and feta cheese into a frittata.
Nonfat yogurt and vinegar keep this fruit-filled salad light and satisfying.
This dish is perfect for satisfying a sweet craving. Egg whites lighten and fluff these pancakes while splenda takes sugar out of the equation.
Send your salmon to the tropics without stepping out your front door by using canned pineapple, fresh tarragon and teryaki sauce.
Go beyond plain chicken breast by infusing it with spicy cumin and vibrant lime. Top with Pineapple Black Bean Salsa for a complete meal.


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