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“This is our most popular item at our Creative Corner,” says Bill DeCicco, director of food and nutrition at the Mayo Clinic. “We serve over 300 of these when it is featured on the menu.”
“Forbidden Rice Salad is a top seller at Market 64,” says nutritionist Elizabeth Shaw, R.D. “Packed with health-promoting antioxidants, this brown rice mainstay got a makeover, using a close cousin, forbidden—a.k.a black—rice.”
I wrote a manual to spell out how we should be purchasing food to help us improve the health of our patients and employees.
This flavorful vegetarian burger was created for the University of North Texas by celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan as part of Mushroom Mania!, sponsored by the Mushroom Council.
unt tandoori portobello burger
Three Takes On offers several different versions of the same classic dish. This month: Burgers.
The Asian spices and the sweet pickled veggies along with fresh vegetables and herbs is such a great combination, and the sriracha mayo just tops it off.
Lyndon Espiritu, the hospital’s assistant director of production, café and catering, created this tasty alternative to beef burgers by grinding chicken thigh meat and blending it with a variety of herbs.
rush university medical center borscht
Most of the ingredients in Eastern European dishes are simple and feel familiar to customers. But if a recipe calls for something that simply won’t play well, most operators have no problem tweaking...
Several dining venues on the campus of Illinois State University, in Normal, are no longer accepting cash.
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Responding to concerns from the campus’s vegan population, the dining services team at Bowling Green State University (BGSU), in Ohio, has dedicated a station at The Oaks strictly to vegan menu items.


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