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Starting Sept. 22, much of the food and beverages sold at Associated Student (AS) Dining Services increased in price for the first time in four years.
Dozens of Berkshire businesses and institutions are among the 1,700 statewide being mandated to reduce, reuse and recycle their food waste.
The SGA tradition commission hosted its ninth annual Crab Feast at Cole Field House last night, with fewer attending than in years past.
This sweet and savory flatbread features two different types of cheese, a balsamic glaze and prosciutto.
The debt Carolina Dining Services has sitting on its books is unusual for a University of its size, but that hasn’t stopped administrators from crafting plans to further renovate Lenoir Dining Hall.
This year, UC Davis Dining Services and Student Housing will implement new dining commons policies regarding guest meals and take-out food, amongst other changes to the three dining areas on campus,...
This unique dish brings many flavors to life, making this dish a hit for lunch or dinner.
pennswood black bean quinoa salad
Four years ago, Executive Chef Ryan Conklin served quinoa for the first time at Rex Healthcare, a Raleigh, N.C. hospital.
Every day in Top of Lenoir, hundreds of students line up at the conveyor belt to drop off plates piled high with unwanted pizza crusts, rejected pot roast and the last few bites of lima beans.
cia mushroom meatballs
Three Takes On offers several different versions of the same classic dish. This month, we checked out three meatball recipes, including Spicy Mushroom Blended Meatballs and Colorado Beef Meatballs...


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