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After several requests from café guests, this dish was created specifically to provide a healthier option for students.
Recent studies show that college students are increasingly struggling with food insecurity. Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), in Atlanta, decided to tackle the issue head-on this year...
breakfast cereal
We held a blind, March Madness-style event dubbed Serial Cereal Series to figure out if we were serving the right cereals.
Peer-to-peer marketing
We hired interns to support the promotion of meal plans and dining services throughout the year.
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Finished off in housemade tomato sauce, boiled cabbage serves as the wrapper for your choice of ground beef or pork in this traditional recipe.
During National Nutrition Month, we hosted a series of four cooking classes for students called In the Kitchen.
One of Phillips' biggest projects in his short tenure as director was a recent All-Iowa Day event, where nearly all the food was prepared with product from purveyors within 20 miles of Pella...
Although a number of school districts around the U.S. have abandoned new United States Department of Agriculture meal pattern nutritional guidelines because students have loudly rejected the notion...
“This is a signature dish that highlights the fresh Pacific Northwest salmon. It is served at Sunnyside Medical Center as well as the Westside Medical Center, our brand new hospital in Hillsboro Oregon,” says Greg Gates, regional executive chef for Kaiser Permanente.
With the hustle and bustle of over 80,000 students, workers, and faculty at Arizona State University — one of the nation’s largest universities — making it through one day without waste is nearly...


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