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In a very short time Nicole Lovely, assistant cafeteria manager II at the University of Georgia, in Athens, established herself as the Oglethore Dining Commons manager’s right-hand person, says J. Michael Floyd, associate vice president for auxiliar

To help our new students quickly understand how and where they can use their meal plan, we installed counter stickers indicating ways to pay, meal periods and meal equivalencies. I always print extra...

They say you can't go home again. Online Managing Editor Lindsey Ramsey decided to ignore the old adage and return to her alma mater to see what had changed in foodservice in the six years since she graduated. Luckily, Nona Golledge, director of KU Di

Foodservice supervisors are the critical link between management, front-line staff and guests, but they are often overlooked in training or when we are soliciting input. We have a Supervisors&...