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Here are four college-and-university feeding operations that each have diverted more than 10,000 pounds of food from landfills.
gingerbread cookies
Brown sugar and molasses pair nicely with spicy ginger in these gingerbread cookies.
The Princeton Review has announced the Top 50 green colleges.
Memorial University officials say parents and students now perceive they are getting sub-standard service and quality on an ongoing basis.
agave pizza
Sweeten a kicked up barbecue sauce with agave. The sauce will taste sweet, but not contain any additional refined sugar.
The contractor and the University Dining Commission are collaborating on an initiative to rethink the college eating experience.
The government report found that one in five foodservice and hotel employees had used illicit substances in the prior month.
gluten free falafel pocket
Appeal to the gluten-free audience by using gluten-free bread and tortillas in this falafel pocket, which can be enjoyed by vegetarians and carnivores alike.
sweet mango tilapia
No sugar is used in this dish. The sweetness comes from fresh mango with a kick from Thai chili garlic sauce.
The Fight for $15 showed up on more than 170 college campuses across America on tax day.


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