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Every year we partner with the Special Olympics to do a gourmet extravaganza featuring our chefs. This year they raised more than $27,000. The chefs also win a trip to a food festival. This event is...

To increase awareness around healthy choices we place demo plates at the entrance of the dining hall that have scoops of Crisco on them to show how much fat there is in each item. The plates show how...

According to a new Technomic study, consumers, especially millennials, have a positive outlook on the future, which indicates that they may increase spending on foodservice in the next year.

At the University of Nevada in Reno non-beef burgers such as this Santa Fe Chicken Burger have become some of the most popular opt

Larry Bates, director of dining services for Riddle Village in Media, Pa., would be in law enforcement if he weren’t in foodservice and doesn’t understand the hype around sustainability.