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A University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point bakery student manager will receive a $5,000 scholarship to put toward her dietetics degree.
Joe’s Food Truck, a mobile kitchen option at Cal U, offers students a convenient place to grab food if their classes aren’t located near the dining hall.
The new practices will extend to operations and growers outside of the United States.
Employees at one university are airing grievances about how their former positions have turned into a lower paid one.
Susan Santos, assistant director at Penn State University in University Park, Pa., won the Steal This Idea contest held at MenuDirections 2015 in Memphis, Tenn., last month.
The Sodexo-managed foodservice operation at Marist College has earned a Marine Stewardship Council certification for serving wild-caught, sustainable seafood.
The University of Vermont’s faculty union is pressing the administration to seek concessions if the administration sticks with Sodexo, including a $15.83 “livable wage.”
GrubHub has compiled a list of the schools where students are most likely to order from outside restaurants rather than eat in the foodservice operations.
whole wheat sausage
Southeastern Texas, where this suburban Houston school district is located, has a strong Czech/German heritage, says Brent Trudeau, the district’s executive chef.
A bill is being considered in Hartford, Connecticut would fine businesses $1 per hour per employee, who doesn’t earn the $15 minimum wage.


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