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The manager of Kennesaw State’s Hickory Grove farm says food harvested makes it to the dining hall within two hours of being harvested.
Consumers want foodservice operators to dig deeper on health, “natural” ingredients and local sourcing. Here’s how your streetside competition is responding.
The increase has already been approved by the state Senate.
Christina Deocampo explains how a management-team member with a younger perspective can be an asset to a foodservice facility.
The university’s dining services will handle the alumni facility when it re-opens in downtown Boston.
Under a new agreement, UK will increase its purchase of beef from local producers to 30 head per week, from 3.
The school reversed its decision to remove a branded hummus from the cafeteria. A group of students had demanded the product be dropped because of allegations the supplier had connections to the...
fruit salad
Lime, cilantro and agave add Southwest flair to this fruit-and-grain salad.
salad bar
We are creating recipe cards to display on our salad and sandwich bars to give customers ideas about salads and sandwiches they can assemble themselves.
lentil tacos
Turn Meatless Monday into Taco Tuesday by substituting lentils for ground beef. The lentils' small size make them the perfect filler...


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