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tablet ordering digital dining
Digital dining is making the First Stop restaurant the “cool” place to eat at Miami University of Ohio, thanks to the marriage of new student ID cards with Google Nexus tablets.
The outlet was opened in February to provide another place where students could use their meal plan swipe cards, but dining services says the expected traffic never materialized. The 251 Express shop...
The Denny’s family restaurant chain plans to expand its presence on college campuses by opening more units of a fast-casual variation called The Den, patterned after the outlet that opened at the...
Making a ramen bar lets consumers choose their own proteins and toppings.
local hatfield meats
Developing a comprehensive culinary and educational event around one local foundation of the food supply—the honeybee.
uiuc ramen
Operators are taking this Asian noodle soup, once the packaged stuff of college dorms, to new heights.
Miso adds an additional dimension of flavor to this classic ramen noodle dish. Having an assortment of toppings available lets guests customize their bowl.
secret suppers dish
Students at Colorado State University, in Fort Collins, Colo., have the opportunity to experience haute cuisine—if they can get there before time runs out, that is.
The University of Alabama’s Bama Dining is showing its gratitude for veterans and active duty military personnel this Veterans Day.
This flavorful broth would be a great base for ramen soup.


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