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A 200-foot vertical greenhouse proposed by a University of Kentucky student created buzz at a town hall meeting, as a Kentucky community seeks to draw visitors in the wake of a natural disaster.
jill horst nra show
According to Jill Horst, attendees should prepare a pre-show game plan and pace themselves.
The Food Recovery Network at the University of Washington currently has three members and two restaurants—Panera Bread and Canlis—participating in food donations. Despite its small numbers, each week...
falling salad ingredients
For National Nutrition Month, we ran a healthy salad recipe contest, asking students to submit their favorite salad recipe according to set healthy criteria.
kale mango salad
Take kale to the islands by combining it in a salad with pineapple, mango, banana chips and coconut syrup.
Foodservice facilities will now have more information about the products they are buying, as well as cooking instructions to safely prepare them.
U.C. Berkeley’s six-year holistic nutrition plan includes a food pantry, emergency funds and loans, help creating a spending plan, tips on eating for $5 a day and a donation program for any student’s...
garbanzo bean burger
A different take on a bean burger. Garbanzo beans bring the protein while walnuts bring the texture.
The vendors are trying to collect a debt totaling $10.7 million from South Carolina State University.
New School students say food prices at the University Center’s cafeteria are too high. For some, it means going hungry; others say it may explain why some students resort to stealing.


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