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fauquier veggie stack
Turn taste up a notch with fresh spices and cooking techniques.
Michigan State University had quite a challenge on its hands when setting out to develop a vegan version of macaroni and cheese.
angus steak plate
Four operator tips for creating main dishes that sizzle on a dime.
Top 10 influencers: What's on their radar and why you should care...
The Energy Express is a five to six-week summer reading and nutrition program, providing children with two healthy, family-style meals a day and more than three hours of daily reading and learning.
An Iowa community college times its garden harvest to coincide with the beginning of the fall semester, with fruits and vegetables projected to last into the second semester.
Utah has pledged to serve fresh, local food to anyone eating on campus, not just athletes, by 2020.
The Philadelphia City Council has been asked to create a “Temple Vending District,” ensuring students have an opportunity to purchase food while not choking off pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
UMass’ annual conference explored how preferences are changing in the sector.
If McDonald’s is Fast Food 1.0 and Chipotle is Fast Food 2.0, what is Fast Food 3.0?


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