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Polenta Stuffed Grilled Onions with Tomato Basil Coulis

Polenta stuffed onions are a great, fun dish to serve on a vegetarian bar or station. It easily elevates any menu.

Gingerbread Cookie Dough

Brown sugar and molasses pair nicely with spicy ginger in these gingerbread cookies.

Agave Barbecue Chicken Flat Bread Pizza

Sweeten a kicked up barbecue sauce with agave. The sauce will taste sweet, but not contain any additional refined sugar.

Gluten Free Falafel Pocket

Falafel is appealing to vegetarians and carnivores alike.

Sweet Chili Mango Tilapia

No sugar is used in this dish. The sweetness comes from fresh mango with a kick from Thai chili garlic sauce.

Black Bean Portabella Burgers

Get in on the mushroom as meat trend with this burger. Portabella mushrooms provide texture while black beans provide protein.