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The agency suggests unisex facilities, but stresses that it is merely advising the set-up, not requiring it.
Chartwells, University of Arkansas’ foodservice provider, will feed attendees of the Walmart shareholder’s meeting three meals a day and has plans to limit food waste.
With hopes of gaining more business, concessionaires are avidly trying to secure licensing agreements with restaurant groups.
We took a station that was being used at lunch and dinner as a pasta bar or action station and repurposed it as a made-to-order omelet station during the morning.
The White House has requested federal agencies begin purchasing meat produced with “responsible antibiotic use,” with changes at federal cafeterias taking place over the next five years.
The Buffalo-based company has been signed as the concessions operator at the $672 million stadium now under construction and scheduled to open in 2017.
Consumers want foodservice operators to dig deeper on health, “natural” ingredients and local sourcing. Here’s how your streetside competition is responding.
The increase has already been approved by the state Senate.
The order-ahead capabilities are being embraced by major theme-park operators like Disney and Sea World to reduce wait times.
salad bar
We are creating recipe cards to display on our salad and sandwich bars to give customers ideas about salads and sandwiches they can assemble themselves.