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In his new role, Caveny will focus on the strategic development of brands and strengthening local and national partnerships.
The foodservice vendor officially took over dining services for the U.S. House of Representatives Monday, closing a number of cafeterias for construction while posting new signs and decorations on...
Democrats are calling on Republicans to cancel Restaurant Associates’ contract unless Senate cafeteria workers’ wages are raised.
The state is suing the U.S. Army, alleging that the Army is preventing it from executing its $1 million cafeteria contract at Fort Riley.
The Boston Red Sox’s “Fenway Farms” will grow fresh vegetables including arugula, Swiss chard, and broccoli rabe for use by the chefs at the EMC Club kitchen.
After parting ways with Aramark, the state inked a new contract with Trinity Services Group that includes higher meal prices, potentially higher annual increases and a waiver of experience...
pigs farm
Our dishwasher raises pigs, so the majority of the food waste goes to feeding them. A lot of residents worry about wasting food, so we reassure them.
tattoo chef
Behind the swinging doors of noncommercial kitchens, tattoos don’t draw much contention, which is why at least one operator sees body art as a secret weapon.
The state is ending its prison foodservice contract halfway through the planned term. A myriad of alleged issues, from meal shortages to drug smuggling, prompted the termination.
Georgia’s electric cooperatives are partnering with local farms to provide produce in their employee cafeterias, allowing support for the “Georgia Grown” initiative.