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Reduced carbs, reduced price

To accommodate our customers who are on a low-carb diet, we now offer sandwiches and burgers without the bun or bread at a reduced price.

Networking scavenger hunt

I brought three of my chefs with me to MenuDirections 2015 and gave each of them a list of brain-healthy foods and ingredients to find at the conference, along with certain people they would have to...

Multipurpose stations

We took a station that was being used at lunch and dinner as a pasta bar or action station and repurposed it as a made-to-order omelet station during the morning.

Transparent temperature tracking

We changed how we record temperatures of our hot and cold items by moving our logs to highly visible locations.


Packing a pasta dish with veggies is a great way to get consumers to glady meet their nutritional goals.

Juice to reduce vegetable waste

We use a juice machine to juice vegetable trim waste.