FoodService Director | August 2014

The new look of retail: Unique regional and local favorites bolster campus options—and increase revenue.

FSD of the Month

Bertrand Weber: Game on

Bertrand Weber has transformed child nutrition services at Minneapolis Public Schools by moving away from a prepackaged meal model to cooking from scratch on site.

Cover story

Menu Strategies

Signature Series: Italian

As part of our ongoing Signature Series, we asked operators to share their signature Italian recipes.


Design Portfolio

Under 30

Karla Lewis

Karla has made an impact on concessions by enhancing the fan experience through incorporation of unique Ovations concepts.

Joshua Watkins, CDM

Joshua has made a difference by creating numerous dining activities for residents that have them excited about meal periods.

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Managing your business

Emerging Trends

Food safety training tools, tips

We asked operators to give us some of their training tools and resources they use to ensure proper food safety in their operations. Here are some of their answers, excluding the usual programs like...

Five most profitable grab-and-go items

We asked operators what grab-and-go item was the most profitable in their operation. Here’s the top five most mentioned items.

Show me the money

Within the last three years, 86% of non-commercial operators have received a salary increase that was not tied to a promotion. Directors in Hospitals (57%) and B&I (58%) are the most likely to...

Grab-and-go sales

Grab and go makes up a smaller percentage of grab-and-go participation/transactions in nursing homes, long-term care, retirement homes and senior living facilities than in the other segments. The...

Steal this idea

Pick-up service

We opened a new sit-down restaurant called Manna. Because some of our employees don’t have time to come and sit down for a meal, we started Manna On the Move. They can call ahead and order anything...

Let them ask for it

One of the ways we have found to control food waste has been to not automatically give out toppings for items like burgers. Instead, we will add things like lettuce and tomatoes only if students ask...

Earth Day garden

We launched an Herban Veggie Garden on our patio connected to our cafeteria in downtown Grand Rapids, Mich. We have about 15 planters of herbs and vegetables that we are able to harvest and use...

Winter blues help

To help with work/life balance we offer our employees items like gallons of milk and loaves of bread. With the horrible winter last year, we found a lot of people were picking those items up so they...

Sustainable blog

We created a Sustainable Products Project blog using Blogspot, Google Maps and Google Earth. Once we identify local food items that we use they are imported into the blog. The item then has travel...

Sustainable cooking techniques

We collaborated with our sustainable dining interns to create a Basic Cooking Techniques cooking class certification, which ranged from knife skills to sanitation to soups, sauces and proteins...

Make a game of it

We use games to help build teamwork and camaraderie in our department. One example is the Potato Story game, in which we divide employees up into groups of four or five and ask them to create a short...

Coffee conversations

This year we started coffee and conversation with the foodservice director. It was a huge success. It gives hourly staff the chance to sit around the table with me and talk about what’s going on and...

Make a game of it

One example is the Potato Story game, in which we divide employees up into groups of four or five and ask them to create a short story


Confessions of Bertrand Weber

Bertrand Weber, director of culinary and nutrition services for the Minneapolis Public Schools, hates flying but wants to skydive and wishes he had more athletic ability.

Confessions of Neal Lavender

Neal Lavender loves Costco, hates food trucks and wishes he could have been in attendance to hear Martin Luther King Jr.’s most famous speech.


Prosciutto & Fig Flatbread

This sweet and savory flatbread features two different types of cheese, a balsamic glaze and prosciutto.

Plantains in Mole

This ethnic dish is filled with flavor and color, plus it has a hint of crunch from pumpkin seeds and tortilla crumbs.


This healthy beverage features three different types of fruit, celery and fresh greens, making it a great energy booster.

August 2014: Recipes

Click through Snapshots of all the recipes from the August 2014 issue. This month features flatbread, banana and juice recipes.

Vegetarian Meatballs

The plantain balls are vegan and can be used with dipping sauce as an appetizer.

Flatbread Mexican Beef Barbacoa

Spice up your Mexican-style options with this flatbread filled with fresh veggies, beans and barbacoa.

Barbecue American Lamb Pita Pizza

Featuring fresh lamb, pineapple and barbecue sauce, this flatbread is made for game lovers.

Grilled Bananas

These grilled bananas have a great balance of sweet and savory. Plus, they are quick and easy to prepare.

Black-eyed Pea Hummus with Pita Chips

This hummus recipe, which features black-eyed peas, fresh ingredients and fried pita wedges, is simple to make and works well for

Plantain Tostones

This plantain dish is simple to make and features a housemade sauce. This works well for an appetizer or side dish.

Bacon and Egg Flatbread

Featuring fresh bacon and eggs, this flatbread is a great way to spice up your breakfast menu.

Italian Burrito

The recipe is taken a riff on the operation’s pasta station.

Veggie Balsamic Pizza

This veggie pizza features three different types of veggies, fresh tomatoes and a balsamic glaze, making it a healthy lunch option

Grilled Pineapple and Banana Salsa

This seasonal salsa is a great side dish or appetizer for spring and summer.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Mead School District found a way to save costs and add hummus to its menu; the district uses the hummus in wraps for a veggie opti

Colorado Pear and Chicken Flatbread

This flatbread features a balance of sweet and savory, plus it makes for a healthy menu option.

The Classic Green Juice

The hallmark of juicing is the classic green drink. The leafy greens fill your body with vitamins and nutrients.

Italian Sampler Platter

High school students like to see school lunch items that mimic those they can find outside campus.

Hummus Supreme

This healthy flatbread recipe is filled with greens and fresh veggies, making it a perfect option for veggie lovers.

Tropical Cooler

This juice features green veggies and ultra hot coconut water for a refreshing drink.

White Bean Hummus

Made with dried organic beans that are cooked and then processed in the traditional method, this White Bean Hummus is a favorite a

Colorado Buffalo Sausage Flatbread Pizza

This flatbread is filled with protein, veggies and an endless amount of flavor. It works well as a healthy option for pizza.

Ginger Carrot Orange Goodness

This blend has the sweetness of carrots with the zesty tang of oranges for a delicious twist on a classic morning drink.

Mediterranean Supreme

This healthy flatbread is simple to make and filled with veggies and protein.

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