Recipe Snapshot

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marinated chicken

Chicken is the most popular protein on menus and continues to be a cost-effective choice.

farmers market

To freshen up plates for spring by spotlighting fruits and vegetables, try these five recipes.

egg tacos

Try these convenient grab-and-go recipes to help them fuel up in the morning.


For operators who may be stuck in a pasta rut, these five recipes will help. 


Shake up the brunch menu with these six recipes, all featuring new ways to prep favorites.


These five craveable recipes can energize your burger lineup and excite customers. Burger boredom can set in with an item that’s a must-have on most menus. 

winter produce

These five recipes offer fresh inspiration, featuring fruits and vegetables available right now.


There’s high consumer demand for seafood as a healthy menu option. And with Lenten season continuing until the end of March, that demand is strong right now. 


These five recipes will help get the party started. Watching the telecast of the 2018 Academy Awards calls for some Oscars-worthy food and drinks.

hot peppers

To heat up the menu with something new, try one of these four recipes. Spicy flavors continue to find favor with today’s consumers. 


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