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nra show food demo

Many exhibitors provided chef-prepared food samples at their booths. These are some of the on-trend recipes that the chefs shared and attendees tasted.

gen z cookout

The flavors, ingredients and cuisines college students are craving today can have a large impact on current and future menu planning. These five recipes will help feed...

burgers fries board

May is National Burger Month—a good excuse to feature burgers on the menu. These six recipes change up proteins, cheese, condiments and toppings to vary the experience....

berry tart

It’s that time of year to put fruit front and center on the dessert menu. Berries, pears, peaches, cherries and other seasonal fruits are at their peak in the spring.

breakfast tea croissant sandwiches

Brunch is a celebratory meal that adapts to any event, catering to groups large and small. To amp up your menu, move out of the eggs-Benedict-and-omelet rut.

cinco de mayo chips margaritas

Why not set your menu apart this year by adding something a little different to the lineup? Get the party started with these festive Cinco de Mayo recipes.

fish chowder lobster roll oysters

American regional classics, such as New England clam chowder, are showing up on menus, often with signature touches. Each of these recipes has a story to tell.

burrito bowl beans

Operators in every segment are meeting the customization demand by providing a variety of ingredients so customers can create bowl meals geared to their taste buds.

meat grill

Exploring underutilized cuts of beef, pork and lamb can yield both economic and flavor rewards. Many of these less-familiar cuts are lower in cost.

shaved asparagus pizza

The earliest local produce is arriving to freshen up menus. So the timing is right to incorporate some spring produce into the lineup, starting with these recipes.


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