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tailgate snacks

Gear up for football season by tweaking the typical fare with a few new twists. Tailgating customers and TV fans alike will appreciate these variations.

summer salads

These salads not only feature summer’s best fruits and vegetables, but they also include enough heartier ingredients to move into the entree section of the menu.


The six recipes here demonstrate how to elevate everything from a chicken sandwich to vegetable sides and even a dessert with a drizzle or dollop of a special sauce.

sandwiches on table

These six recipes change up classics like grilled cheese, turkey and the iconic French dip with flavor or ingredient twists—small tweaks that make a big difference.

snack kebabs

Snacking is on the rise, and health-conscious consumers are often looking for something other than a doughnut to satisfy midmorning and afternoon snack attacks. 

tacos slideshow

The taco has traveled way beyond its Mexican roots to land on menus in many types of operations. These six recipes will add a little spice to your taco selection.

shrimp salad sandwich

Changing up familiar items with one or two new ingredients is an easy way to refresh the menu. Start with one of these classic sandwich recipes that have been updated...

bbq summer millennials picnic

Even if the kitchen temperature rises to new highs, customer demands don’t drop off. These five recipes will help beat the heat through the steamy days of summer.

burger potato salad beans

Celebrate Independence Day on your patio, rooftop or dining room with July Fourth classics, including burgers, potato salad, and a red, white and blue dessert.

shrimp boil

Consumers seek lighter foods in summer, and seafood is perceived as a less filling, healthier choice, according to Technomic’s Center of the Plate: Seafood &...


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