Menu Strategies

Best practices for creating innovative menus and signature dishes
Ray Nottie

An executive chef shares what he’s learned when it comes to inventive kosher fare.

Since California’s state motto is “Eureka!” it seems fitting that a recent conversation with the director of hospitality at San Diego’s Palomar Health led to the biggest aha moment I’ve had in a long...
cuban sandwich

Operators create riffs on classic menu items as relations with the U.S. warm up.

proteins meats

Eateries are adding more of a common pulled pork cut, a Spanish sausage, a trash fish and an upscale beef product to their menus.

salad ingredients plate

The arrival of summer produce is spurring operators to toss together new entree salads.

spoons pork belly

Creative presentations can elevate your catered events above the competition.

sushi wasabi soy ginger

As more college operations offer seafood dishes, here’s how some are leaning into fish-centric fare.

dumplings bamboo steamer

Many international cuisines offer their take on the dumpling, each boasting its own particular spin.

firehouse sub

Customers reveal which 10 chain subs spark their biggest cravings.

nra cooking demo

These food and drink trends spotted at this year's National Restaurant Association Show could power your menu in the months ahead. 


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