Menu Strategies

Best practices for creating innovative menus and signature dishes
small dessert table

Scaled-down sweets fill diners’ desire for variety. 

leafs lettuce

Four factors behind a successful, in-house blend.

palomar exterior

Here's how San Diego's Palomar Health plans to transform its menus to be 60% plant-based by this summer.

froot loops cereal

Here’s how operators are thinking outside the box when it comes to hot and cold cereals.

kfc space center sandwich

The list of limited-service chains betting on upgraded chicken sandwiches has grown again, suggesting the spotlight has shifted from better burgers to a better bird.

checkers rallys fries

Restaurantgoers reveal which chains’ french fries are most likely to spark cravings.

How FSDs are building off diners’ perceptions of flavor and health to create winning dishes.
salmon spinach salad

Whether it’s to fill a need for healthy options or a convenient way for employees to grab dinner, prepared to-go meals are growing. 

roasted turkey fillet

Chicken still rules the roost, but diners are coming across more turkey options.

chef omelet station

Here are the fastest-growing customizable foods in noncommercial dining—and how operators are making them stand out.


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